In Simeon’s house – 2019

Entering the little house where the Dutch composer Simeon ten Holt lived and worked is entering his world. His desk. His bed. His grand piano. In Simeon’s house, over the course of eight days, Marnix gave three piano concerts a day for small groups of visitors. Incorporating works by Simeon and others, each concert Marnix also included a free improvisation. Performing on Simeon’s Steinway, the pianist together with the listeners is carried away into unknown territory.

What others say

“All songs on this album appeal to the imagination”
Aad van Nieuwkerk, editor and radio presentor VPRO Vrije Geluiden Radio 4

“When Marnix plays, I feel Simeon sitting behind the piano again”
Colette Noël, partner Simeon ten Holt

Media and press

Review Muziekwereld 2019-4 in the section Vers Geperst.

VPRO Vrije Geluiden TV live

Broadcast NPO1 on November 10, 2019 following the release. Interview with Giovanca and performance (Marnix’ contribution starts at 20:00).

VPRO Vrije Geluiden Radio 4

Broadcast 19 October 2019. Extensive interview with Aad van Nieuwkerk in Simeon ten Holt’s house, with tracks from the album In Simeon’s house.

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Recording: 1-6 Marnix van de Poll, Artist-In-Residence Simeon ten Holt, Bergen (NH), October 2018;
7-8 Barny Pronk and Marnix van de Poll, Japanese Garden Park Clingendael, The Hague, May 2018
Tuning: 1-6 Steinway B, Paul Lindeboom; 7-8 Yamaha C5, Egbert Snel
Mastering: A-A-Audio
Photography: Anouk van Kalmthout
Graphic design: Loudmouth
Produced by: Marnix van de Poll

Many thanks to Colette Noël, Dré Wapenaar, Edwin Bakker, Niki Janssen, Ed Bausch, Anna de Vries, Layana Mokoginta, Hester Tammes, Rick de Leeuw, Jaap van Heusden, Wout Brinkhuis, Kees Stol, Liesbeth Kanis, Richard van Roessel, Rebecca Roskam, Fredrik Knoeff

© & ℗ 2019 Marnix van de Poll
MP001, Buma/Stemra