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It is also possible to request a private online concert, via Zoom, Skype or Youtube Live. Just for you, or together with your friends and family. It is up to you!

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A good head start every working day

Pianist Marnix van de Poll gave 11 concerts in 2,5 weeks time live from Simeon ten Holt’s house. The concerts took place each working day Monday – Friday in the morning between 08:45 and 09:00.

The concerts were meant to be listened at as a daily ritual. Marnix played each day the same programme. Bach, Free Impro, Simeon ten Holt. Of course, the free impro was created in the moment inspired by the different feel of each day.

A daily ritual as a mindful medicine to start your day in a good way.

Listen back

You can listen back to previously streamed concerts via the Youtube Channel of Marnix van de Poll.

The most recent streamed concert is published below.

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