100xCanto Ostinato 2023

In 2023 the dutch composer Simeon then Holt is having his 100th birthday. To celebrate that, Foundation Simeon ten Holt is organising many different festivities throughout The Netherlands. Crazy Initiatives is collaborating with the foundation to organise 100 concerts by pianist Marnix van de Poll. He will be playing the famous Canto Ostinato on piano solo, 100 times during 2023.

Canto-week Kunst10Daagse Bergen NH

The tour of 100 Canto’s will start in October 2022 during the Kunst10Daagse in Bergen. During 8 days there will be 16 concerts in the little house where Simeon ten Holt lived and worked. Marnix will play on his magnificant Steinway grand piano.

Tour dates will be published

Other tour dates will be published as soon as possible.

Foundation Simeon ten Holt

The foundation Simeon ten Holt