Ukraine Benefit Concert

It is wonderfully inspiring to see the goodness of people in wartime emerge. Many help. Pianist Marnix van de Poll will also contribute. In his words:

At the moment I am occupied with personal questions such as where am I going to live from the end of March, how do I set up my new project I’m Listening as best as possible and what do the things I experienced during my pilgrimage mean for how I live my life?

However, what is going on in my life is nothing compared to what is happening in Ukraine! It touches me deeply when I hear the shouts of demonstrators who have the courage to demonstrate in Russia! They make their voices heard. And what do I do?

I am very happy to use my talents to make a difference to the refugees. We are organising a benefit concert in, it couldn’t be more appropriate, Het Vredeskerkje (Dutch for Peace Church) in Bergen aan Zee.

Come and listen and contribute very generously!

Practical details

Date: Saturday 19 March, 14:00 and 16:00

Admission donation: you decide (please, be generous).

Location: Het Vredeskerkje, Kerkstraat 21, 1865 AM, Bergen aan Zee.

Reservation via

More info via this link.


There will be two concerts in the same afternoon. We hope for a full church twice (100 people at a time). So an amount of €5,000-€10,000 should be feasible! All proceeds go to Giro555. Everyone contributes without pay.

Marnix will play a program of about 45 minutes with works by Glass, Ten Holt, an improvisation. What he is going to play is still a surprise at the moment. The most important thing is that we’ll all be there on the 19th. Bundling the energy together. To do what we can to support our fellow humans!

Afterwards we’ll create a moment to gather and exchange our thoughts, feelings and experiences.



This concert is organised in collaboration with: