Winter in Fara – 2021

Fara speaks to the heart. The nature. The river Kolpa. The mountains. Marnix lived in this small southern Slovenian village as an artist-in-residence for six months. The peace and quiet provided the ideal conditions for creation of free improvisations through concerts and workshops, live from the old and rustic house of Podliparska.

Music crosses borders, even if they are closed off by fences, as is the case with the Slovenian southern border. Music connects people, with each other and with themselves. Will you join this musical chain of connection to cross boundaries and bring down fences?

Crowdfunding – a pre-campaign

Marnix is releasing this new album around Christmas 2021 and you can help to get it out there! In November we will start a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for the production phase. Right now you can already start donating… The music has been professionally recorded and mastered and we need funds for the actual pressing the CD and vinyl (!), the artwork, well… the works.

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Recording: Marnix van de Poll, house Podliparska, Fara Kostel, Slovenia, November 2020 – April 2021
Tuning: Steinway O (1926), Jožef Benton
Mastering: A-A-Audio
Photography: Marnix van de Poll
Graphic design: Loudmouth
Produced by: Marnix van de Poll
Many thanks to: Kolpa Connected, Ljuba and Valentin Južnič, Marta Blažević, Jožef and Ivanka Benton, Liesbeth Kanis, Jaap van Heusden, Lodewijk van Oord, Linda Bouws, Rebecca Roskam, Ryuji de Keijzer

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