Laser sharp focus

It feels great to have a laser sharp focus throughout the day! Learn from a concert pianist and black belt karateka and discover your super-focus.

Receive in seven consecutive days, every day early morning in your inbox, a meditative message with careful selected tried & tested practises that will help you find your focus. Everyday the message concludes with a free improvisation matching the subject matter, to propel you into your day. Total playing time will be 10-ish minutes each day.

Learn from a concert pianist

The 7-Day Challenge: Focus is produced by Marnix van de Poll. He is concert pianist and developed his own method to have a maximum focus for piano study and performances, whilst running his own foundation, setting up cultural projects and training for his third black belt in Shotokan Karate.

What people say

Really nice! The music is also a very nice meditation: waves of sound – Lively improvisations – A very pleasant way o think about focus and concentration – Loved it! My husband also. Thank you! – The impro of day two helped to clear the fog in my head – The message and the music are really beautiful – Optimistic – Inspiring, the combination with insights from karate – Clear message, one skill at a time is great – Good message and good to have piano music before work, especially in corona times. Thank you, I really benefit from this!


  • 7 consecutive days.
  • Next series to be announced – subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated (right hand side below menu).
  • Duration: 10-ish minutes each day.
  • The message will be in English.
  • Daily personal support via email included.

Pay-what-it’s-worth… afterwards

You can join for the 7-Day Challenge without pay upfront and you can determine for yourself what you think this challenge is worth to you, afterwards. This doesn’t mean automatically that the challenge is for free. It means that you can match the value it has brought to you.

For us this challenge is about sharing value and wisdom, which is given to you out of freedom. Martijn Aslander has been experimenting with this model for years. Here’s how he explains it:

“At its core, my decision to work with PWIW is not about maximizing my profits. It’s all about the freedom to act in the moment. About raising awareness: act first, assign value later.”


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions:


Here’s a Free Impro to get a little taste of Marnix’ music. The first track from his CD In Simeon’s house (improvisations made during concerts in the little house of Simeon ten Holt).

Flyer from the last series