Christmas Concert Tour 2023

During the Christmas and holiday season pianist Marnix van de Poll will make a concert tour to, well, to you. That is, if you’re interested.

So, do you own a piano? Or do you know somebody who has one? Then you can invite him to come and play on your piano. Invite family and friends for a merry time together!

Canto Ostinato – Simeon ten Holt

What Marnix has on offer is the Canto Ostinato by Simeon ten Holt. A solo version of this famous piece lasting 60-90 minutes.

Composer Simeon ten Holt achieved worldwide fame with his masterpiece Canto Ostinato (1976), originally written for four pianos. It is essentially classical minimal music, entirely according to the composer’s own style. Simeon himself used the term genetic code, as many elements recur throughout the piece, including similar bass figures and harmonies, which is where the piece’s name comes from. Due to the great degree of freedom that the composer gives the performer, every performance is different and the performer’s own musical views can be reflected in the music. Marnix is known for his strong dedication to the interpretation of repertoire pieces, resulting in a personal and unique interpretation.

Marnix and Simeon

Marnix lived many times as an artist-in-residence in the little house where Simeon lived and worked until he passed on in 2012.

In that little house, on Simeon’s magnificent Steinway grand piano, Marnix gave in total 77 concerts. He played works by Simeon, of course, and he also included many free improvisations. That resulted in his first album of free improvisations, with the title In Simeon’s house.

“When Marnix plays, I feel Simeon behind the grand piano again, with the strength of oak trees and the sensitivity of birds” – Colette Noel, partner of Simeon ten Holt


  • You can choose a date between 21 December 2023 and 14 January 2024.
  • Duration: 60-90 minutes.
  • Programme: Canto Ostinato, Simeon ten Holt.
  • Max attendees: as many as will fit in your room.


If you’re interested to know more about it, you can send us an email.