Team bonding workshop

It is so great to be able to share things and be heard. To feel that you’re truly being listened to. When is that still happening? Don’t we all need that? In private life and working life?

Listening and being heard. It is goes together with opening up on the one side, and not judging or preparing for an answer on the other side. In connecting to each other there is an element of sharing and being vulnerable and listening to each other. No doubt about the team bonding power of this process.

Concert and conversation

In this workshop firstly we let ourselves be taken away by the Canto Ostinato by the Dutch composer Simeon ten Holt. Played by pianist and workshop host Marnix van de Poll. Art has the power to make visible things that are not immediately available to observe. Especially classical minimal music like the Canto gives the space to observe what’s going on inside.

The Jesuits developed a conversation practise to talk about abstract things. A method to slow down as a group and explore personal stories and images, by writing, reading and talking. We use their technique to exchange the things that come up during listening to the Canto. From abstract things we go to personal experiences shared together.

To conclude the workshop, Marnix will make a free improvisation inspired by the conversations during the workshop.

Marnix van de Poll

Marnix is a free improvising classical pianist. After walking from the Netherlands to Portugal via Santiago de Compostela he currently tours museums with his project I’m Listening. In a specially designed Listening Pavilion he listens to museum visitors one-on-one after which he answers each conversation with a free improvisation. Other museum visitors can listen in through headphones. Marnix was many times artist-in-residence in the little house where Simeon ten Holt lived and worked, also giving many concerts there on Simeon’s magnificent Steinway grand piano.

Practical information

For any group or business
Ideal group size: 8-15
Duration: 2 hours
Stand-alone, or as part of a day programme
Offline and online

What others say

This is amazing – I really liked the workshop! Your energy and the way you facilitate – Such a powerful way of connecting to each other through music… and even online! – The sharing is very powerful, especially how the questions go from individual experience to connection and resonation to (what) the others (said) – The perfect balance between going deep and not making it too scary.

When Marnix plays, I feel Simeon behind the piano again, with the strength of oak trees and the sensitivity of birds – Colette Noel, partner Simeon ten Holt