Audio Only Piano Experience for teams

In corona times, everyone is tired of screens and showing flexibility, tired of all these last minute changes time and again. There is a lot of chaos and hardly any time to survive. We so much need a break and some fun and to reconnect with our collegues.

Welcome to the wondrous piano world of Marnix van de Poll!

As a pianist he invites participants into his wondrous piano world through musical soundscapes and free improvisation. An interactive experience of 30-ish minutes where participants turn off the video and turn on the audio. With headphones on, this is all that matters: the music, the connected colleagues and the stories that are exchanged.

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Here’s a Free Impro to get a little taste of Marnix’ music. The first track from his CD In Simeon’s house (improvisations made during concerts in the little house of Simeon ten Holt.

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