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Live from Simeon ten Holt’s house

These months lives pianist Marnix van de Poll in the house of Simeon ten Holt. From there he gave already more than 25 live internet concerts via Zoom, Skype or Youtube.

In these times of corona by way of his music Marnix contributes to inspiration, comfort, connection, creativity and all those things that we so badly need now. Being human means being in contact with other people and that is just as difficult with social distancing.

Private concerts via Zoom or Skype

You can now also book your personal internet concert with Marnix. Only for yourself, or together with your friends and family members; that’s up to you.

Some reactions after private internet concerts: “The most original gift I’ve ever had!” – “My mother was completely moved” – “What a favor you have given us!” – “You can certainly trigger emotions online, you hit a sensitive chord.”

As a thank you, you can make a donation to Crazy Initiatives. Because of our cultural ANBI status, this is favorable for your tax. We can’t make it more fun.

Public concerts via Youtube Live

The public live streaming concerts will be announced and made available on this page:


Request a private concert

If you are interested in an internet concert, we would like to ask you to send an email to info@crazyinitiatives.nl.

Please indicate which date and time you prefer, what the occasion is, how many people you think you want to listen to and possibly some background information. Finally, do not forget to mention your telephone number so that we can call you to discuss everything.